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The Ultimate Book List (by Age) that Your Children Need {Free Printable Reading Log}

Many readers have been contacting me about gift guides and how helpful they are for them. I love books and apparently, so do my readers. You have written me asking for books lists, especially to use around the holidays and for birthdays.

Well, here it is!

I have compiled for you a list of books by age, which makes it so easy for you to find exactly what you need. Click around to find exactly what your children need to love reading.

I have shared the importance of reading in another book blog post and I’d love for you to check it out after you read this post. It shows you how many books a child can read in a year, depending on how many minutes a day they read. We can get books at the library like we do.

Do check out about 30-50 books a month from several libraries, but the point of this blog post is to be able to choose some favorites that are beautiful, engaging and durable to start building a home library.

And don’t forget to see our book list hub! It is full of lists of books on all kinds of topics on all subjects! You will love it and find it very helpful!

Baby & Toddler Books

The Ultimate Book List (by Age) that Your Children Need {Free Printable}

These are some of the most popular baby and toddler books around. Check them out!


  1. 1 2 3 Counting is a fantastic books for babies. It is durable, sturdy and it unfolds like an accordion for babies to book at during tummy time or during any other time. Black and white is very attractive for babies.
  2. The Baby’s Very First Little Library is fantastic! It is a collection of four books. They have beautiful illustrations and bright colors.
  3. Baby’s Very First Black and White Tray also has four books that are appealing to babies. They love that they are small enough for the tiniest of hands.
  4. That’s Not my Pig is one of my daughter’s favorites. They have all kinds of books in this series. Check them out here!
  5. Baby’s Very First Stroller Book Animals is perfect to take on the go. It keeps little ones busy and entertained while teaching them something.
  6. Little Red Penguin Numbers is perfect for babies to be introduced to numbers. There are also little red penguin books on colors, words and shapes.
  7. We love Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Book for birthday gifts, either when they are born or when they turn one year old. There are more touchy-feely books. Check them out here.


  1. When we got My Farm Animal World, we were excited about how many books came in this set! There are 9 mini board books that talk about an animal, what they eat, where they live, what their baby is called, the sound they make, etc. So cute!
  2. Big Book of Colors
  3. Little Ballerina Dancing Book for the little prancing ones in your life.
  4. My Very First Space Book for the young inquiring minds.
  5. Baby’s Very First Slide and See Animals is the perfect hands-on book.
  6. The Children Who Loved Books
  7. Entertaining and Educating Young Children is a fantastic book for parents. It comes highly recommended when you need ideas and inspiration.

Preschool & Kindergarten Books

The Ultimate Book List (by Age) that Your Children Need {Free Printable}


  1. We love all of the Big Books in the set. Big Books of Big Animals is a favorite one, for sure.
  2. Here is one my son will get for Christmas this year: Big Book of Big Machines. He will LOVE it!
  3. Lift the Flap Colors for the little artists in the making.
  4. Look Inside Food is the book my daughter will be getting this year for Christmas. She briefly saw it and was extremely excited about the flaps. She opened the fridge, the cabinets and the other flaps in the book. Yes, confirmation that it was the book for her.
  5. Baby Animals Flap Books are a favorite. I mean, who doesn’t love baby animals?
  6. B is for Bedtime, perfect for bedtime.
  7. Lift-a-Flap How do Flowers Grow?


  1. The Very First Reading Set is perfect! Fifteen books in a beautiful box is awesome to learn how to read. Check out this video about it!
  2. Look Inside Your Body
  3. Dot-to-Dot Nature
  4. This Big Wipe-Clean Activity Book is another favorite. There are more in this series.
  5. I think you and your child would truly love Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about the World.
  6. A classic. A must-have. Aesop’s Stories for Little Children
  7. First Hundred Words in Spanish is the best book to get your little ones stated on languages.

Elementary Books

The Ultimate Book List (by Age) that Your Children Need {Free Printable}

Elementary-aged Books

Row 1: Firefighters is a fun nonfiction book, Billie B. Brown: The Birthday Mix-up is a very affordable beginner chapter book (check out the entire collection), The Pony-Crazed Princess is also a popular series.

Row 2: Big Book of Big Dinosaurs is fantastic and big and so much fun, Animal Investigators Box Set is for ages 12 and up and it is a series of very engaging and interesting stories, the Illustrated Pirate Stories are super popular.

Row 3: Lift-the-Flap General Knowledge is one of our favorites and we use it a lot in our homeschool, Delightful Illustrated Stories, Astronomy and Space

Row 4: Human Body Reference Book needs to be in every home, Computers and Coding (is one of our favorites ever!), 365 Illustrated Stories & Rhymes

Book Collections

The First Reading Box Set comes with 10 books. Take a look at this video about it.

The Beginners Animal Collection also has 10 books in it and every book is beautiful, informative and very engaging. We own this collection and love it!

Favorite Special Books

The Ultimate Book List (by Age) that Your Children Need {Free Printable}1. Secrets of the Rain Forest is the book that is a sensation at home right now. Take a look at the activity we did with this book.

2. Secrets of Winter is going to be a gift for my daughter soon. She loves shine-a-light books!

3. On the Train is one of the newest books in the collection. I can’t wait to get it!

4. Secrets of the Apple Tree is another one we love here. This is what we did using this book.

5. On the Construction Site is another new book and my son will get it as a gift soon. I can’t wait to see his face!

6. Secrets of the Seashore is one that we love reading and will soon share an activity we did with it. Stay tuned. 🙂

Free Reading Log Printable

Don’t forget that having books isn’t it. Reading books is very important. I am so happy to tell you that here is a beautiful reading log that I made for my children. It isn’t only a list, but it is also a great opportunity to get to know your child and his/her reading preferences. Your child will be able to rate the book after he or she is done reading it and to state what the best/favorite book from the list was. Enjoy!

reading log printable pin


I hope you have found this list helpful and feel free to share your favorites in the comments below. 😉

Share your list with your friends and family as they will find it helpful, too.

The Ultimate Book List (by Age) that Your Children Need {Free Printable}

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