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Awesome USA Studies (Activities & Free Printables)

Here is more information on our studies about the United States. We will be looking at some awesome books, resources, lessons and fun activities about the U.S.A. Be sure and read to the end of the post to find out how to get some cool printables that you can use. These are great lessons, around any holiday (like the 4th of July) or anytime you study about the U.S.A.

Awesome U.S.A. Studies (Activities & Free Printables)


Here are some books that we enjoyed reading about the United States. In these books, we found information about United States history, about states, landmarks and even fauna found in this country.

Awesome U.S.A. Studies (Activities & Free Printables)

Spin’s Really Wild U.S.A. TourThe Flag of the United States

American Revolution,  The House that George Built

The Story of The AlamoThe United States and Its Territories,

Stars and Stripes and SoldiersOur Nation’s Capital

Journey Around Washington D.C.

Click on the images below to find more information about each book.


Little Passports: U.S.A. Edition

Next, we used the Little Passports U.S.A. Edition portfolio to get a great initial survey of this beautiful country. Every month, this awesome subscription sends information about all the states in the union. It is very fun and thorough. We loved the hands-on accessories that came with the first kit.

Awesome U.S.A. Studies (Activities & Free Printables)

In the first Little Passports U.S.A. Edition kit, we got: USA Field Guide (an awesome journal to keep information and stickers for every state), U.S.A. Scratch Book and wooden scratcher (with national symbol, landmarks and facts about them).

We also got a wall-sized U.S.A. Map (it is different from the other kits, so it was cool to get a new map), a welcome letter from new pen pals Sam & Sofia, a disposable Camera and Photo Scavenger Hunt Project (I love the old school feel!).

Awesome U.S.A. Studies (Activities & Free Printables)

Click on the images to get more info on some awesome resources.

USA State Study Notebooking Pages


United States Educational Puzzle

This is a fabulous puzzle! My son’s aunt gave him this puzzle for his birthday and we absolutely love it! Building puzzles are great to learn patience, deep thinking, to perfect eye-hand coordination, precise small movements, shape and orientation recognition and many more necessary and essential skills.

Awesome U.S.A. Studies (Activities & Free Printables)

Building puzzles also helps children practice coordination and problem-solving skills…essential skills in life, in my opinion. The second part of our puzzle-building activity was a geography-oriented lesson. We read the states on the puzzle map and found the capitals in our stack of cards.

Awesome U.S.A. Studies (Activities & Free Printables)

And because this puzzle has pictures all over that have to do with each state, we had fun discussing why the Gateway Arch is in Missouri and why a video camera is in California. We also loved the Golden Gate, the giant pretzel and even a dinosaur. My personal favorite is the skier. 🙂

Click on the images below to find information about these awesome products. My son loves his U.S.A. soccer shirt! He literally takes it off, asks me to wash it and put it back on as soon as it is dry! It is well-made, fresh and comfortable.


Don’t forget to check out our “Tour of the U.S.A” post with free printables.

Awesome U.S.A. Studies (Activities & Free Printables)We hope you enjoyed this awesome list of ideas about the U.S.A. Let us know what you think!

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  1. I love learning history and it’s really fun when it’s a beautiful country like the U.S.A. 🙂 I love the puzzle and the money chart!

  2. Hi, visiting from Hip Homeschool Hop. This is such a great list of things to do to study the U.S. for small children. I am pinning it so I can have my boys use some of these great ideas this year in our homeschool studies. Thanks for sharing!

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