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Fall Crafts with Corn, Pumpkins & Turkeys & Printable Activity Coloring Pages

Crafts with Corn, Pumpkins & Turkeys

Don’t you just love Fall and everything that comes along with it? Isn’t the crisp air and the beautiful colors inspirational and fun? Would you love to have some free Fall Coloring Pages to keep your little ones entertained? Would you like to use them as a special project for Thanksgiving or for Fall in general?

Here, we have some awesome Fall Coloring Pages you can have for free! We also want to show you several Crafts with Corn, Pumpkins & Turkeys.

Crafts with Corn, Pumpkins & Turkeys {Free Printables}

Montessori-Inspired Practical Life Corn Activity

Here is our first activity. All you need is several ears of raw corn. You can use regular ears, but the colorful ones in different sizes are the most fun. This activity will not only keep your children focused and entertained, but it will encourage finger dexterity, finger control and eye-hand coordination. It is none other than the wonderful Practical Life work of removing kernels from the cob.

Remember, these ears of corn as uncooked. All children do is place the ears of corn on a plate and strategically use their thumbs and fingers to press horizontally to remove the kernels. Once the kernels are removed, they can be used for Fall-related crafts like gluing them to a paper ear of corn or to leaves for a textured effect.

Crafts with Corn, Pumpkins & Turkeys {Free Printables}

Beautiful Pumpkin Decorating & Painting Activity

The next activities are for everyone, especially for those of you who live in warmer climates and carving pumpkins early isn’t an option. We are in the latter group. First, we cut out shapes out of colorful felt and glued them on with tacky glue. My son decorated his pumpkin with a funny face and my daughter made hers to look like a cat, ears and all.

After a week or so, they got bored of them, so I gave them washable paint and off they went. They had a wonderful time painting them, mixing paints and noticing how the colors changed as the paint dried. I am guessing they will be like this for another week and then we will carve them. I love to keep some of the meat to then bake pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

Crafts with Corn, Pumpkins & Turkeys {Free Printables}

Easy Turkey Craft for Toddlers & Preschoolers

The next activity is a very easy one, but your children will love it. This is a craft we made at our co-op last year and we wanted to do it again this year because it was so simple. All you need is one large sheet of light-colored construction paper and then six feathers cut out of different colors. You need one brown oval for the turkey’s body and a smaller oval for the head.

You can use a tiny red oval for the snood (the flap of skin that hangs over the turkey’s beak), a yellow triangle for the beak and self-stick googly eyes. Some kids used two tiny ones or one large one. We used white glue, but a glue stick will work just as well. Also, get creative like our kids did at co-op. Some had their turkeys looking sideways and others were facing head-on. Some spread the feathers like a fan and others split them up on either side of the body.

Crafts & Activities with Corn, Pumpkins & Turkeys {Free Printables}

Awesome Free Fall Coloring Pages

And now for some awesome fun. Grab the free Fall printable coloring pages here. We used these awesome mini markers to color these.


Crafts with Corn, Pumpkins & Turkeys

And don’t forget to check out 100+ Fall Ideas! 😉

Crafts with Corn, Pumpkins & Turkeys {Free Printables}

Take a look at this easy and fun craft. 🙂


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