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Fun Pirate Games for Kids {Printable}

We enjoy playing board games as a family and during our down time in the afternoons. Over the years, I have made several fun Pirate games for kids and share them on our blog for you to enjoy them with your families, just like we do. In this post, we have an awesome board game with lots of fun cards that move players back and forth, as they hear on their treasure-hunting adventure!

Fun Pirate Games for Kids

If you know us well, you know that first and foremost, we find books about the topic that we are learning about. She here is a fun list of the top ones that we found and loved. They are fun and silly and some have actual facts from real pirates from the past. We learned a lot while having so much fun. Studying about piracy can be both eye-opening and entertaining. They led such unique and different lives!

Our Reading Book List

 Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC How I Became a Pirate The Pirates Next Door Pirates Past Noon (Magic Tree House, No. 4) Goodnight Pirate: The Perfect Bedtime Book!


Fun Pirate Games for Kids

Our Pirate Game

Let’s set up the game first. Print the printable (in this post) in color and cut the cards WITH the solid color card attached (see picture above). See, the board has 3 different colored numbers, so we need to know which cards belong to each color. Once the cards are cut out, use double-sided tape to fold the cards in half and secure both sides together. See below. You should now have two-sided cards. On one side, you will have the player’s instructions and on the other side, you will have a solid color (either purple, dark pink or blue). I recommend that you laminate the board game and then tape both halves together with double-sided tape.

Fun Pirate Games for Kids

Now that the game is set up, it is time to play! Make 3 piles of cards, judging by the solid color on one side. Once the cards are sorted and mixed well, place on the white side of the board, like on the picture below. You will need one die and one marker for each player. We use small shape erasers, but you can use beans, cheerio’s, raisins or glass beads.

Fun Pirate Games for Kids


There can be as many players as you want. Each player takes turns rolling the die. This highest roller starts the game.

The player rolls the die and moves that number of spaces. Look at the landing number. If it is purple, the player takes the top card from the purple card pile, reads it aloud and does what it says (move forward or back x number of spots). That turn is over.

The rest of the players take turns doing the same until everyone has had a turn. Repeat until all reach the treasure chest.

Fun Pirate Games for Kids

To make it competitive: the first player that reaches the treasure chest wins the entire treasure.

To make it non-competitive: all players split the treasure in the treasure chest when everyone has reached it.

Fun Pirate Games for Kids

Our Activity Book List

 Pirate Sticker Book (Sticker Activity Books) Wipe-Clean Pirate Activities (Wipe-Clean Activities) Pirates Activity Book Do-A-Dot DADACT-379 Creative Activity Pirates and Buried Treasures Art Book Pirates (Usborne Noisy Books)


Grab your freebie here!


Thank you for reading our Pirate post!


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Fun Pirate Games for Kids

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