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The Most Complete US Coin Values Unit {Free Printables}

The Most Complete U.S. Coin Values Unit {Free Printables}

Are you ready for an awesome unit?! We can’t wait for you to see what we did and for you to get the complete FREE printable set so you can learn about the U.S. coin values, learn to label and even play the super fun coin trivia game. Take a look at this unit and dare to go a step further and learn about world coins, not just U.S. coins.

The Most Complete U.S. Coin Values Unit {Free Printables}

We started out using giant cutouts of the U.S. coins and coin replicas. Brother learned the coin names and values and then he started sorting them. We discussed who were pictured on the coins (heads) and what was on the back of each coin (tails).

The Most Complete U.S. Coin Unit {Free Printables}

Then I brought out the real coins and asked Brother to sort those, too. It took him a little bit to get used to recognizing both sides of each coin. It was definitely easier to recognize and remember once we discussed who and what was on each side of the coins. We did discuss the half dollars and the dollar coins, but we didn’t cover those quite as thoroughly since they aren’t in circulation anymore.

The Most Complete U.S. Coin Values Unit {Free Printables}

This is where I broke out my printable set (free for you at the end of this post) and they were absolutely ready and excited to play. First, I showed them the picture of the four coins (front and back) and we used the labels in the set to place each coin’s name next to their picture.

Next, I showed them the individual coins picture, showing one coin at a time, but it does show front and back. We labeled the coins and we also placed the value labels so we can remember how much each one is.

We practiced this a few times and then we were ready to use the individual coin cards. They took time to match the front and back of each coin, the coin name and the coin value.

The Most Complete U.S. Coin Values Unit {Free Printables}



And if that wasn’t enough fun, we then played the coin trivia. I have created a list of questions and their answers to teach your children and then maybe play it as a game.

We played ours and when they answered correctly, guess what the treat was… a coin! Hahaha! It was so much fun. We have simple questions such as “Which U.S. President is on the penny?” But then they get harder such as “What number President was Roosevelt?”


U.S. Coin Values and Money Books

We enjoyed reading some books that helped bring this U.S. coin values unit home. Check some of these out. They are great! Click on the images to get more information on the books.





A Step Further: World Coins

We will go ahead and go beyond the United States currency and go to the world. We will show you what we did about the lessons on world coins and then go grab you free printable set (U.S. Coins) at the end of this post. We also have a free printables set for world coins. I’m so excited to share them with you!

The Most Complete U.S. Coin Unit {Free Printables}

We love Little Passports. We have two subscriptions, one being Early Explorers (ages 3-5). We are on month #9 of our subscription and every month is as much fun as the last. This month, Sister loved getting her package and she was even more excited the topic. It was about coins of the world.

In the package, as you can see in the picture, she got an awesome coin and a coin pocket, she got an activity book and the flashlight adventure game. She also got stickers to go on her Little Passports suitcase and in her Little Passports play passport. She was fascinated with the different kinds of coins there are, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

I highly recommend these monthly subscriptions. We honestly love them and we definitely say that they are our favorite. Check out our 4 Geography Lessons with Coins of the World that also uses Little Passports materials and it has a Free Printable Set!

The Most Complete U.S. Coin Values Unit {Free Printables} And now, for the printable set! Let us know how you used the set and if you thought of another game or activity to use them with. Thank you so much for visiting our page! We really appreciate you! The Most Complete U.S. Coin Values Unit {Free Printables}


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  1. These are some great activities! I love the idea of studying coins, especially when you take it one step further and study coins from other places.


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