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24 Uses for Thieves Essential Oil Blend

There is an amazingly awesome essential oil blend that is called Thieves. Not only does it smell great, but there are many uses for it in the home and for personal use. Take a look at what essential oils this Thieves blend contains, 24 ways you can use it.

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Thieves is a blend of five different essential oils:

1. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (Cinnamomum verum) Cinnamon is thought to promote healthy cardiovascular and immune function, and may act as an antiseptic. You can also use it to enhance your cooking, or dilute and massage into chakras to create a soothing, relaxing sensation.

2. Clove Essential Oil (Syzygium aromaticum) Clove has wonderful immune-enhancing properties. Its main ingredient is eugenol, which is used to numb the gums (perfect for teething babies, diluted). Clove is the highest-scoring single ingredient ever tested for its antioxidant capacity and it is great to use in the kitchen.

3. Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limon) Lemon is so purifying and very strong. It has an encouraging fragrance and enhances mood. It contains 68% limonene (which can be an incredible antioxidant). I love putting a few drops in my water (it makes it taste so good that it makes drinking water more appetizing). Lemon can be used in cooking, too.

4. Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata) Eucalyptus Radiata is uplifting, refreshing and may help improve mood. It is wonderful to use on children as it is a gentler and still very effective type of eucalyptus. It smells great and may help support the respiratory system (including lungs, sinuses and throat).

5. Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis CT cineole) Rosemary smells so wonderful. I love diffusing it It makes my home smell great. It helps bring out one’s energy and may help restore mental alertness. It is used quite a bit in hair products as well as skincare. Always dilute and it is recommended for adult use only. It is amazing when used in the kitchen.

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I am a Young Living essential oils independent wholesale member. You can order from THIS LINK.

24 Uses for Thieves Essential Oil Blend

1. I have a glass spray bottle full of spring water and 10 drops of Thieves. I shake and lightly mist 5 times over my children before we go to public places. This can give them a protective layer that smells like Fall. Love it!

2. Put a drop or two in your tea or juice to keep overall health.

3. Put one drop on the roof of your mouth if you feel a headache coming on or if you already have one.

4. Put a few drops in an empty vegetable capsule to take internally to help protect the respiratory system. HERE, you can get 300 of them for about US$5.

5. You can also rub a drop or two with coconut oil on the soles of your feet to support your immune system.

6. Fill up a small spray bottle with spring water or filtered water and add 3-5 drops of Thieves to use as an insect repellant for you and for your household plants.

7. Squeeze toothpaste into a sealable jar and add a drop of Thieves. Mix well. This will clean your teeth like nothing else can and can help with oral health and to numb gum is in pain. Check out my homemade toothpaste recipes here.

8. Use on cuts, scrapes, scratches, open wounds, or anything that needs numbing and cleaning.

9. Put in mouth (mixed in with coconut oil or water) for toothaches or abrasions from braces in mouth.

10. Put one drop in water and gargle or mix with honey to support sinuses and throat.

11. Open the Thieves bottle, put it up to your nose, take a deep breath, hold it in as long as you can, exhale. Do this 3-5 times to support overall health.

12. Apply a drop on bug bites and stings or poison ivy rashes to lessen pain, itch and inflammation. You can also apply to pets when they get cuts, scratches or scrapes.

13. Put a drop or two in your tea or juice to help decrease tobacco or sugar cravings.

14. Mix a few drops with coconut oil and rub on areas of your body where you have pain.

15. Use a few drops (5-10) in a spray bottle 3/4 full of spring or filtered water and 1/4 of white vinegar and use it as your all-purpose cleaner, your floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, etc.

16. I use it in my homemade deodorant. To see my recipe, click here.

17. Add a drop or two of Thieves in your dishwasher soap compartment right before starting a cycle.

18. Put a drop or two on a rag or cotton ball and put in smelly places (shoes, boxes, sports bags, bathroom, etc).

19. You can add a drop or two of Thieves to your laundry wash. I always do that when I wash my daughter’s cloth diapers. It makes them smell so much better. You can also put a drop or two on a dryer sheet and throw in with your load in the dryer.

20. Take 1/2 cup of baking soda and mix in 5-10 drops of Thieves. Sprinkle over carpet. Let it sit for 30 minutes (or overnight for very stinky carpets). Vacuum.

21. Diffuse a few drops to purify the air in your house, especially if someone in the house is sick. 

22. Use a drop or two to remove the sticky stuff left behind after removing a sticker.

23. Use a drop or two of Thieves on a rag when you wipe counters, baby’s room, pet areas (especially around litter boxes and around food bowls).

24. Also, take a wet rag and add 5-10 drops of Thieves. Place by air conditioner vents or by your air purifier to diffuse it all over the room and house or vehicle.

BONUS: last, but not least, since this blend contains both CINNAMON and CLOVE, you can rest assured that your home will smell wonderful during the holidays when you diffuse Thieves.

Main source: Essential Oils Pocket Reference (Fifth Edition) by Life Science Publishing. To read more about the history of Thieves Essential Oil, click here.

Remember that some essential oils in this blend may be considered “hot,” so be sure and always dilute Thieves with a carrier oil like coconut oil, fragrance free lotion, organic olive oil or any oil that you may like.

I am a Young Living essential oils independent wholesale member. You can order from THIS LINK.
24 Uses for Thieves Essential Oil Blend
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