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Printable Colorful Summer Montessori Activities Book for Kids

If you are doing Montessori at home, you are always looking for ways to do things that fit in, but that are also fun and seasonal. Well, now that it is almost the end of Spring and Summer is practically here, you’ll find this activity perfect for today!

In this post, we are going to show you the fun printable Montessori activities book for Summer that we put together. It is Montessori friendly and I think you and your kids will really like it.

Summer Books for Kids

We love to always read books that are connected to our lessons. Here are some really fun ones that follow the Montessori philosophy, which is to read books only with photos. 

There are no cartoon images, no talking animals, no animals that wear clothes or have any human characteristics. It was sad, I confess, that I had a hard time finding some that fit, so read the descriptions to see if you want to get them.

Summer of the Woods (The Virginia Mysteries Book 1)Summer of the Woods (The Virginia Mysteries Book 1)Summer of the Woods (The Virginia Mysteries Book 1)Seasons - Alzheimer’s / Dementia / Memory Loss Activity BookSeasons – Activity BookSeasons - Alzheimer’s / Dementia / Memory Loss Activity BookAdventure Log: A Kid's Adventure Log - Travel JournalAdventure Log: A Kid’s Adventure Log – Travel JournalAdventure Log: A Kid's Adventure Log - Travel JournalSea Glass SummerSea Glass SummerSea Glass SummerHello Summer! (Hello Seasons!)Hello Summer! (Hello Seasons!)Hello Summer! (Hello Seasons!)The Summer of the Swans (Puffin Modern Classics)The Summer of the Swans (Puffin Modern Classics)The Summer of the Swans (Puffin Modern Classics)Summer Walk (Seasonal Walks)Summer Walk (Seasonal Walks)Summer Walk (Seasonal Walks)Spring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf KindergartensSpring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf KindergartensSpring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf KindergartensShapes on the Seashore: Band 02A/Red A (Collins Big Cat)Shapes on the Seashore: Band 02A/Red A (Collins Big Cat)Shapes on the Seashore: Band 02A/Red A (Collins Big Cat)


Summer Ball

Summer Activity Pages for Kids

Remember that you don’t have to send your kids to a Montessori school for them to learn Montessori Kindergarten activities and skills. You can prepare a beautiful learning environment at home.

Pursuing Spring and Summer activities is always a good idea. Kids are fans of Summer printables the follow the Montessori philosophy. Young children will especially like this Summer themed printable book.

Let me show you how!

For this activity, you will need:

  • color printer
  • this download
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • pencil

You will like to set up this Montessori inspired activity in your home environment. Simply follow the instructions below to know how to download the PDF file.

Then, make sure you print out these Summer pages in color. There are 2 book pages per sheet. Cut each of the 18 pages out and save the cover and the last page (the one with the collage images).

Let your child stack them up in the order they prefer and staple them together. That’s it! The book is ready!

Printable Montessori Resources

This is one of my kids’ favorite homeschool Summer activities because we can do it 2 ways. You can decide or let your child decide. See, each page has a sentence for tracing that is relevant with the photo on that page.

Following the Montessori Method, children will either trace and write using D’Nelean or cursive handwriting. The child will trace that sentence.

And, on the second line, they can either copy the same sentence on their own (no tracing) or they can get creative (and funny) and write a follow-up sentence to read aloud.

It can be so much fun to have your child read them! We have had great laughs with my kids’ books.

If you like this activity, you’ll want to know that this is a free sample of our Summer bundle! Get the entire bundle to keep your kids busy this Summer break!


14 Printable Homeschool Summer Activities

$14.00 $12.99

Our Summer Words bundle includes (45+ pages total):

  1. Montessori summer activities – Printable 3-Part Cards: This is such a great Montessori friendly activity! This printable includes the link to a blog post that explains to you how to use 3-Part Cards.
  2. Awesome Summer Pictures Memory Game: Learn to use memory, discrimination, object permanence and much more with this fun game!
  3. Fun Summer Nomenclature Dice: Roll the word die and then find the matching picture on the other die. To make it harder, roll the picture die and find the matching word die.
  4. Manuscript Handwriting Practiceof Summer Words: Kids will love this! They’re practicing their penmanship, but what they will love is to learn how to spell Summer Words to write their own stories or to make their own Summer comics.
  5. Cursive Handwriting Practiceof Summer Words: Same here, but for older kids.
  6. Summer Words and Pictures Wheels: Kids especially love this one! They will make the connection between word and picture meaning.
  7. Fantastic Word Search: My oldest likes this one the best. He has a gift (like me) to find the hidden words quickly. He loves feeling successful, especially when these word searches can be challenging.
  8. iSpy Pageswith Words and pictures: My youngest loves these pages! We have several pages with different levels. It’s fun to find the words and images on the pages. Answers are included!
  9. Summer Words Bingo Game: Here’s a game that the whole family will really enjoy.
  10. 4 Cutting Practicewith Summer Words and Pictures: Don’t be fooled! Even older kids might need this practice. It can be disguised as “we’re cutting these strips and pictures to make cards to mail to grandparents or friends.” It’ll be great cutting practice without knowing it.
  11. Summer season images for kids in a lovely booklet that you can set up as a craft activity.
  12. Summer activity pages in a book! This awesome Summer activity book that doubles up as handwriting and tracing practice!
  13. And what would our Summer activities printables be without a cootie catcher?!
  14. Notebooking pagesare fun summer printables for kids to write “How I spent my summer vacation” book activities, Summer favorite games and much more!

EU buyers, GET IT HERE.

Free Montessori Activities PDF

To receive this free printable Summer book, enter your name and email address below. Then, check your email inbox for the PDF file. If you can’t find it, check your junk and spam folders. Sometimes they get sent there.


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